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Our Story

After seeing the sense of hopelessness and powerlessness among hard-working and taxing paying citizens, I was challenged within myself to empower common people to be civically engaged and involved. For some members of society, there are a variety of barriers that may impede democratic participation. Our primary purpose is to empower, provide and connect people to the resources and education needed to fully enjoy the benefits of their citizenship. A common prompt for this action is: What happens after the rally, after the protest, and now what do we do? 


We will work in two basic policy areas: public safety, and k-12 education advocacy. The organization also plans to broaden its campaigns and aims, to include disability-related access advocacy.

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The organization will seek to provide research and data-based research in our proposed areas to inform and empower our membership. Secondly, we will champion micro-causes within our specified advocacy areas. Our micro-causes will begin first with a public awareness campaign to bring light to a perceived injustices. This first social campaign aims to inform the public regarding the judicial hardship of Sherikia Hawkins. This campaign will aim to publicly argue the value of her character, as well as garner public support for the Michigan Supreme Court to hear her appeal and for the Michigan Attorney General to drop all related election charges.

Similar Causes and Campaigns will be pursued by a vote of the board of directors but only for the most nonpartisan, unifying and blatantly egregious causes. To maximize impact; microbuses and advocacy will be limited to no more than 2-3 cases per year. The organization will work closely with higher education institutions to utilize interested undergraduate and graduate researchers to propel our research needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Core Values

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