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Here is the story of Sherikia Hawkins. In a ground-breaking election in November of 2017, she made history as the first African-American elected to serve as City Clerk for the City of Southfield, Michigan. Having been reelected in 2021, she continues to stand as a rising leader, with over 18 years of public service and public administration experience. To date, she has successfully administered over 17 elections. 


Unfortunately, her character, integrity, and conduct were called into question by the Michigan Attorney General's Office. The office alleges that the data errors stemming from the 2018 election are worthy of 6 felony charges, while her legal staff states that the errors are of a “technicality” rather than substantive nature, and without any intent and consequences of actual fraud, given the overall accuracy in the election’s results. Even more so that during their initial press conference, the Michigan Attorney General's Office confirmed the accuracy of the election results. 

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Our purpose is to give people the tools to practice and utilize their citizenship.


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Our mission is to promote equity and reduce barriers to civic engagement in local government, education and matters like public safety. We work to

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Our vision is to see everyday citizens and taxpayers excited about democratic participation, free of hopelessness and helplessness as often seen during periods civil distress. We teach people how to be civically engaged and provide support that helps eliminate the barriers to civic engagement.

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